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Contact us by eithier xbox live or youtube.Xbox Gamertag(s),ZzCuRsEzZ,TangoLikePlanet.Youtube Account,MajorLeegGod.Hurry Up and Join today!!! 

Come glitch with us for free from september 25-26!!! 

Sorry but we don't take random friend requests at the time,sorry for the inconvenience. 

                               We will have free giveaways by                        having free for alls!We will also do free for alls to be able to be a part of our team and have exclusive information not posted on the website ever,and be able to have free credits forever until you leave our team if you do.Also glitches never before seen!!!!

We are sorry for no results,but we do not give away are location for reasons as of(stalking,or,robbery). 

Classified, Ohio Classified

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